UCITS classified as “International Equity”, ABCM Global Allocation is a fund of funds based on economic expectations in order to achieve its active allocation policy across all investment areas.

ISIN Code : FR0011381201 – Bloomberg : ABCMGLA FP
Valuation : Daily at market close
Initial Net Asset Value : 100 €
Minimum subscription amount : 1/1000th of a share
Creation date : 31/01/2013
Custodian : CIC
Subscriptions and redemptions : orders may be placed up to 11:00 AM for a subscription for the close of that day’s markets.
Classification : International Equities
UCITS may hold up to 100% of its assets in other UCITS (OPCVM)
Tax : Can be purchased through an investment account or with life insurance policy.

  Investment strategy

UCITS classified as “International Equity”, ABCM Global Allocation is a fund of funds aiming to outperform its benchmark reference, the Global Down with reinvested dividends converted to euros.
Published by S & P Dow Jones Indices, The Global Dow is an equally weighted index that includes 150 leading worldwide companies.

The stock-picking process is based primarily on the size, reputation and the level significance of companies in the global economy.

On 28/07/2021

Net Asset Value

147.95 €

Performance D-1

+0.22 %

Performance 2021

+6.48 %

Performance      2020  

-0.64 %

Creation date


Risk indicator

Risks incurred : Risk relating to discretionary management, Risk relating to investments in derivative products, Counterparty risk, Credit risk

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance


  Fund Managers


  Fund evolution

  Annual performance

 Performance table on 28/07/2021

Asset Allocation Management

VL *

 2021   3 months   1 year   3 years   5 years   Inception 
  ABCM Global Allocation R 147,95 € +6,48% +1,66% +13,95% +9,97% +22,42% +47,95%
  Indice composite de référence ABCM 231,64 +13,55% +3,24% +27,29% +32,72% +64,93% +131,64%
* NAV calculated based on the fair value of investments using the closing price on 28/07/2021