Wealth & Estates
In addition to the discretionary management of your financial assets, the second mission of Montségur Finance’s Wealth Management service is to offer you a range of personalized services allowing you to manage your estate, and to accompany you with administrative tasks.

It means, for instance, assisting you in :

  • Establishing investment vehicles (holding companies, Special Purpose Vehicle – French SCI, …)
  • Advice on estate, inheritance and tax structures
  • Inheritance & Transmission
  • Unlisted investments
Family Office
The strong links established with some of our long-standing clients has led Montsegur Finance to develop its knowledge and ability to serve as a multi Family Office.

Montségur Finance’s multi Family Office’s expertise covers many areas, such as :

  • The creation of ad hoc legal family structures
  • Advice on alternative investments: real estate, hedge funds and private equity
  • Tax reporting
  • Handling of administrative tasks related to estates and inheritance
  • Management of family relationships
  • Assistance with family negotiations
Transparency is one of the founding values of Montsegur Finance.
Fast, comprehensive and reliable information

Within the first days of each month we communicate to you, via mail or email, a detailed management report containing all the active elements of your portfolio. This gives you an analysis of, among other things, the performance of your account since its creation, an overview of your assets and their distribution by geographical region, industrial sector, etc.
A detailed management report for each Montségur Finance Mutual Fund (FCP) held in the portfolio is also attached.
This website also allows you to view at any time your accounts and performance, updated daily.