Our mission

Managing savings and financial products

  In just a few years, Montsegur Finance has become a key player in asset management.

Made up of an experienced team, coming from finance, industry and entrepreneurial sectors, it holds to a collegiate management structure and a service-focussed institutional culture. It is these elements that have allowed us to give individuals, financial advisors and institutional investors access to a range of high performance funds, tailor-made personal fund management services and additional high-value services for professionals.

Our high value advice meets the expectation of the most demanding investors looking for efficient, controlled and transparent management of their financial assets.

We are proud to have built up a lasting relationship over time with our clients by staying true to our founding principles of service, ethical practice, transparency, teamwork, independence and stability.

We have real ambitions, this is the reason why we are significantly investing in people and tools. Our mission is and will remain to preserve & enhance the financial assets of our clients, creating innovative products & services and to put the interests of our clients at the heart of our decisions.  

Alain Crouzat

  Company Overview