Our commitments

  A culture rooted in finance, industry, and entrepreneurship

Montségur Finance’s team is composed of experienced staff from the Financial, Industrial, and Entrepreneurial sectors who have as a core value to make investments that “make sense”.

In this way Montségur Finance :

  • Strives to be the shortest direct link possible between investors and companies in which they invest;
  • Plays a full shareholder role in companies in which funds are invested;
  • Refrains from any form of speculation, margin trading or speculation on commodity markets.

Transparency is one of Montségur Finance’s founding elements:

  • You have access to all your positions on a monthly basis or in real time for some institutional clients
  • Fees are known in advance and regularly communicated to the client
  • The accounts of the company are published

Montségur Finance’s shareholders are both the managers and the employees.

This independency prevents any conflict of interest and allows us to operate with objectivity and autonomy.

  Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is Montségur Finance’s priority:

  • You have access to your manager
  • The team is sustainable thanks to its participation in Montségur’s equity

Your interests are in line with those of our associates:

  • Associates have all their financial assets managed within Montségur Finance
  • The remuneration policy of our team isn’t based on sales objectives

Montségur Finance is actively engaged in improving moral standards and securing investment patterns:

  • Montségur Finance declines any underlying asset that rests upon speculation, leverage effect, etc.
  • Through the European format UCITS of its funds, Montségur Finance embraces a prudential regulation that allows the emergence of savings products with reasonable objectives, marked by the will to improve risks and fees transparency but also to minimize speculative and risky behaviors.

The CM-CIC Market Solutions group, 100% subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel (5th French banking group), is in charge of the depositary functions, namely the financial assets and cash preservation. It is a true partner of Montségur Finance.

The funds’ administrative and accounting management functions are ensured by CM-CIC Asset Management.