Management Process

Discretionary Management process

Once your management objectives have been pinpointed and defined with you, your wealth management adviser initiates your discretionary management profile with all Montségur Finance management teams.


Montségur Finance’s discretionary management process follows this structure:
  • The selection of a management strategy for allocating your assets among different asset classes, geographical areas depending on the economic environment and your investor profile (defensive, balanced or dynamic);
  • A selection of underlying instruments corresponding to an allocation strategy based on rigorous selection criteria. These include, beyond economic criteria, Montségur Finance’s core criteria for transparency (access to all positions) and ethical practices (excluding underlying instruments relying on speculation, trading, leveraging etc).
This allocation strategy is essential, given the versatile economic environment:
  • between asset classes: cash, equities, bonds, commodities.
  • between geographical areas: emerging versus mature markets
  • within a geographic area (eg France versus Germany)
  • between sectors within an asset class (eg luxury versus automobile)
  • between underlying instruments in a given sector (eg Lafarge versus St Gobain).