Investment Accounts

Unlike a current account which aims to offer services related to payment methods (check, credit card,… ), an investment account is a deposit account that allows the holder to perform many kinds of operations on French and international securities: shares, bonds, warrants etc.


Joint account

A joint investment account is an account with active solidarity among different holders.

Deposits and advances of money or shares included in it will be recorded as the same obligations for each participant, as if there was a single deposit made via a single account holder.

All transactions including deposits and withdrawals can be made at at the discretion of any of the account holders who will be jointly and severally liable.

In the case of death of one of the participants, the account will continue to operate under the authority of the surviving account holder who will be held accountable to the heirs of the deceased.


Company account or Investment Club

If operations on securities are planned within the objectives of a company it is possible to open a company investment account, together with an “investment club”.