Financial Advisors

  Discretionary Management

Montségur Finance accompanies Wealth & Heritage Advisors Management in the discretionary management of their clients’ assets.

The discretionary management services we offer to Wealth & Heritage Advisors’ customers is charcterised by a three-way relationship between the Advisor, its Client and the Manager, namely Montsegur Finance.

This partnership is based on a clearly established terms, which specifically include constant access to information (via internet) and monthly consolidated reports showing detailed information on benefits, risks and performance.

Quarterly management monitoring committees including a review of all management decisions are also defined within these terms. This allows the correction of possible differences arising from changes in invesment areas and the confirmation of any alterations observed by the Advisor on his clients’ investment objectives.

  Dedicated UCITS

Wealth and Estate Advisors and Family Offices can access funds offered by Montségur Finance’s Collective Fund management team under financial conditions adapted to their needs.

In addition, for Independent Advisors, Montségur Finance can also establish a tailored management process held within a dedicated corporate (SICAV) or mutual fund (FCP).

The strategy for allocation of dedicated fund then operates transparently with the independent advisor.

  Activity reports

Our intranet site with secure access allows you to track both the consolidated and detailed positions of your clients. It also provides transparent access to all reports (management reports, consolidated reports, billing etc.).

  Portfolio Analysis

An analysis of your clients’ portfolios is also available to give you our opinion before any transfer.

Whether these be live shares or UCITS, our research aims to help you enhance your work and define an action plan to be implemented when management of the portfolio is transfered to us.

  Advice on allocation

You may wish to keep a full control of your customers’ asset allocation , while benefiting from the expertise of Montségur Finance.

You can still benefit from a service that includes regular information on financial markets, tactical recommendations and continuing analysis to allow you to make independent investment decisions.

  Advice on Fund Selection

Our Management teams have developed strong expertise in selection of external funds. This forms part of our discretionary management service and encompasses all classes of asset: cash, bonds, stocks, etc.

The list of eligible funds is regularly updated by Montsegur Finance and is based on rigorous selection criteria with regards to :


  • Investment Policy;
  • Portfolio management process;
  • Management of teams and development;
  • Risk Management;
  • Analysis: we make monthly requests for information on all portfolios