Discretionary management

The purpose of discretionary management at Montségur Finance is to manage your financial assets while sticking to your investment objectives, with an ongoing effort of valuation, preservation, and enhancement.

Discretionary Management in UCITS and / or quoted investments

Montsegur Finance offers discretionary management in UCITS (OPCVM) or mixed UCITS-quoted investments. This management is possible regardless of the form of your proposed assets distribution (Equity Savings Plans (PEA), investments account, life insurance).

Diversified Discretionary Management

Montsegur Finance’s management strategy is multiple. Indeed, it is possible to invest in any form of assets, geographical areas and sectors, based on the managers’ analysis.

Dynamic Discretionary Management

Montsegur Finance’s discretionary management process drives your financial assets in a dynamic, flexible and responsive way. It is focused on smoothly managing both crisis and growth periods by combining market timing and risk management through the process of underlying assets diversification

Collegial Discretionary Management

The management of your assests is implemented hand in hand with teams handling investment funds – collegial management is at the heart of Montségur Finance’s culture.