Montségur Opportunities aims for responsive management of a portfolio of stocks, mainly French, which are undervalued, and may be the object of of financial operations (OPA, OPE, OPR) or even in economic recovery.

ISIN Code : – Bloomberg :
Valuation : Daily at market close
Initial Net Asset Value : 100 €
Minimum subscription amount : 1/1000th of a share
Creation date :
Custodian : CIC
Subscriptions and redemptions : orders may be placed up to 11:00 AM for a subscription for the close of that day’s markets.
Classification : European Community country shares
Tax : Eligible for PEA (Equity Savings Plans)

  Investment strategy

The selection of these shares is regardless of their quotation on an index or a market, including markets for small and medium capitalisations.

An Investment Fund (FCP) eligible as an Equity Savings Plan (PEA), the proportion of assets invested in European Community stock is always at least 75%.
The fund favours French stocks with high upside potential, even if there may be a gap between their performance and market conditions.


Net Asset Value

Performance D-1






Creation date

Risk indicator

Risks incurred : Risk relating to discretionary management, Risk relating to investments in derivative products, Counterparty risk, Credit risk

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance


  Fund Manager


  Management Team


  Fund evolution

  Annual performance

 Performance table on 20/10/2021

* NAV calculated based on the fair value of investments using the closing price on 20/10/2021
** Benchmark for comparison purposes only