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Since its inception, Montsegur Finance has been specializing in medium term equity investment.

Collective management teams work to identify high-quality companies that Montsegur Finance will accompany as a lasting shareholder, based on three scenarios:

Montsegur Finance’s position as a lasting stakeholder is not trivial – it is fundamental! This is linked to one of our core values, namely “investments that make sense” and our ethical practices which forbid any form of speculation, naked transactions or speculation on commodity markets.

In this way, Montségur Finance’s collective management teams continue to pursue their mission: being the closest link between their investors and the companies in which they invest.

Collective Management teams widen their range of equity funds thanks to :

  • a balanced conservative fund, partly invested in money market products, short-term obligations bond or, up to 30%, in performance investments:
  • money market funds invested in short-term maturity products (a few months) and short-term rate instruments:
  • The latest in the range, an international equity funds, mostly selected through UCITS (OPCVM) covering the main areas of investment to gain exposure to global growth.