Business Cash Management

  Our strengths

Montségur Finance provides cash flow management services ’tailored’ to companies around several key principles :


Transparency of assets : access to all portfolio lines via management reports available at any time online;

Volatility under control : Investments in corporate bonds and interest rate instruments specially designed in order to fit cash profile requirements: from a few days / weeks to a few months;

Zero default risk : investments in first class quality paper products with short maturities (unlike deposit accounts);

Investment in ’’classic’ products as opposed to dynamic money market instruments leveraged to boost performance;

Investment in ’pure’ products as opposed to deposit accounts witch bear a possible risk of default

  What we offer

Outsourcing cash flow management

Montsegur Finance offers companies the possibility of outsourcing management of cash surplus. Montsegur Finance then manages the different nature of cash flow on their behalf :

Management of operational cash flows

Operational cash flows must be balanced on a daily basis in order to offset operational cash entry and exit flow risk. Montségur Finance selects the best cash funds according to detailed specifications.

Cash management of known maturity

Montségur Finance offers subscriptions to short /medium term or near zero risk debt securities, directly with issuers who follow the performance of the market in the euro zone :

  • Montségur Finance selects debt securties based on rigorous criteria (rating, discount rate, transparency, liquidity …). Particular attention is paid to the quality of the paper and to the sectors of activity;
  • Montségur Finance also occasionally selects long term obligations nearing the final repayment (several months before it) in the secondary markets since such obligations yield more than average returns thanks to a narrow market excluding large institutional investors

Stable cash-flow management

As far as stable treasury is concerned, with a medium to long term investment horizon, it becomes possible to move from a “zero risk” position towards a prudent or a dynamic management position via carefully selected funds.